Pi stats

This will be a short post.
Three weeks. 23 days to be more exact, and according to Google Analytics, yesterday was the day this site gained 1.000 views.



  • almost 200 unique visitors
  • more than 1.000 pageviews
  • almost 12.000 HTTP requests
  • more than 85MB of bandwidth
  • Images is the most viewed page with 123 views, after the front page (460 views)
  • the most viewed article is the first post with 35 views
  • the least viewed article is One week with only 7 views. That's funny.

This is actually pretty good, I guess. On my other site I got 12.000 pageviews in a period of 5 years. This means an average of 200 pageviews per month. With this one I got 1.000 in less than a month. Or at least, this is what Google Analytics says.
Well, it's true that writing in english makes languages barriers dissappear, and the other blog is written in my native language, but I don't have that many foreign visitors on this site than on the other. Whatever...

Oh, before I finish, I really need an ending sentence... I can't say "That's all" in every post. I need something a little out of the ordinary, like a signature or something. I don't know. I'll think of it and I'll post it in the next article.

Until the next post, stay classy Internet!

Today, 04 feb 2014, we just hit 200 unique visitors.


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