Another blog, Yet Another First Post.

I initally wanted to write this in my native language since I didn't want to make a fool of myself on the Internet. Then I said to myself:

Who is going to see this blog?

The answer was obviously:

A few friends and some random Internet citizens who got here by mistake.

So, this is it. Random Internet citizen who reads this first blog entry, I salute you! I will be writing in english so that you and others could laugh at my english skills and my useless blog.

A few more details

I'm writing this in Markdown. It's my first time trying Markdown and it doesn't seems complicated at all.
I still have to learn some new stuff, but so far, I think I can handle it.

The "blog" is actually made from static webpages (as in plain HTML) with Pelican. I wanted something simple since a RPi is not a powerful computer and a blog with php and mysql will be somewhat a litle too pushy for a Pi. (Altough, it seems that you can run a Wordpress blog from this device).
I had to choose from a few options (bashblog - this one was too simple, ghost - this is running on node.js which is a resource eater IMHO), but I chose Pelican, despite my hate for french people. (Yes, I'm a hater, I know, get over it already)

Ok, I think this is it.
It's enough for the first post.

Comments !