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  1. Raspberry Pi turns two!

    Not my Pi, but the Raspberry Project. It seems that the Raspberyy Pi computer has survived on the market for two years now, and it has grown in these two years, much more than expected. You can find more detalis in this link. There is also a contest about running ...

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  2. Pi stats (II)

    The last Pi stats post was this.
    In the meantime, the Pi stayed up for almost a month until a update required a reboot, and I'm really glad I updated. The FTP server now runs smoother than before. If with the previous kernel I only got 1.5MB/s ...

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  3. Pi stats

    This will be a short post.
    Three weeks. 23 days to be more exact, and according to Google Analytics, yesterday was the day this site gained 1.000 views.



    • almost 200 unique visitors
    • more than 1.000 pageviews
    • almost 12.000 HTTP requests
    • more than 85MB of bandwidth
    • Images is ...
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