Nexus5 kernel v11

It's been a few weeks since I first released this kernel. Initially I made the release on reddit, but I decided to post it to XDA, after a few days.

Where are we right now? Well, let's see:

  • Linux 3.4.95
  • BFQ v7r5
  • ZEN I/O sched
  • exfat and f2fs
  • dynamic fsync
  • tweaked swappiness and vfs cache pressure
  • -Ofast and more optimization flags
  • commits from android upstream (3.4) and other kernels

We also have a XDA thread and a nice kernel ftp tree, and in case you don't like to download from my FTP you can find the kernels in my Dropbox.

I'll not make any updates on my blog about this. The real deal is the XDA thread.

Until the next release, stay classy, Internet!

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