Nexus 5 kernel

It's bragging time.

I have built my custom kernel for Nexus 5.

From Reddit

It has the base of Franco, and the optimizations of the Linaro kernel, compiled with Linaro 4.9.1.
I didn't like Linaro kernel because of faux sound patches and the fact that I have to pay for the app (and some other things that I won't discuss here).
I didn't like Franco because it only has -O2 as build flags.
I decided that I wanted to have the best of both kernels, so I built myself a custom hybrid one.
EDIT, 02.Jun.2014:
Added BFQ as IO sched, in test version.


  • franco's kernel and features
  • Lianro's (LaboDJ's) compile optimizations and a few other commits "stolen" from him
  • BFQ v7r4 for Linux 3.4.y, set as default schedueler. Dorimanx's idea for including BFQ for a mobile device. Altough not stable at the time when he worked for Galaxy S2 kernel, BFQ is now to be included in the mainline. Almost in mainline => almost 100% stable => pretty good for my custom kernel
  • Linaro GCC 4.9.1, compiled with optimizations for Cortex A15. I read a lot about this and concluded that Cortex A15 optimizations are the best for Krait 400 CPUs.


- Is it stable/bug free?
- As stable/bug free as franco's kernel is.

- Does it score better in benchmarks?
- I think so. At least Antutu says so, in the integer and float benchmarks. Quadrant also says this. It's not a huge difference, and you can't see it with the naked eye.

- How's the battery life?
- (From Reddit) "The same battery life you get with Franco, if not a little better. Optimization means better performance, better performance means less time executing the same code, less time online means more deep sleep. Idk how much better it is, but it's not worse, anyway."

- It's not CAF compatible, right?
- Right. At least, not by default. I didn't test it, so I don't know if it works 100%.

- I want feature X/Y/Z included in this kernel.
- No you don't. You're not using my kernel. I'm the only one using it. Who are you? Oh God, I forgot to take my medication again!


FTP: boot-bfq-3.4.91.img
Dropbox: boot-bfq-3.4.91.img
MD5: 60eaec2e08b9731bd6e415ebd718c6fb
Please test the MD5!

This is what I currently run on my Nexus. You can find here some other images. I think boot.img is the first test version (pure franco), and boot-bfq.img is franco+bfq only. I can't remember well.




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