Home alone

Today was the first day when my Pi was left alone. Since I got him (it's a boy) on 11th January, I haven't got the occasion for leaving the house until today.
My Pi was left without an adult supervision and he didn't do anything out of the extraordinary. He was just sitting there on my desk and being scanned by bots. But let's see what can I say about this little match box:

  • vsftpd doesn't play nice with him. It's a little stressfull and I think I could make FTP transfers a little faster and unstressfull (there is a bottleneck somewhere and I don't think the Pi's CPU is the problem), but with another client and some other day
  • nginx is crazy fast. Well, it should be since it serves only static content. Altough I've set up nginx with gzip compression and with Minify 'on the fly' it's still fast.
  • Right now, in this very moment, I have 3 days 3 hours and 3 minutes of uptime on my Pi.
19:17:32 up 3 days,  3:03,  1 user,  load average: 0.01, 0.02, 0.05
  • Debian package manager is really-really-...-really slow. It doesn't even compares to Arch's pacman. Yes, the Pi contributes in a negative way to its slowness, but it is not fast even on my computer. So package installing on the Pi can make even the most calm person in the Universe go just a little nuts.

A few things about the site:

In the first day I got about 30 visits from what can I tell from Google Analytics.
The second day, there were around 15 new visits, and now, GA says that I have a total of 66 visits, 46 unique visitors and 418 pageviews. This doesn't include organic visits since the site isn't indexed yet. There is a problem with my free DNS and I have to wait for someone to read my mail sent to their tech support before search engines can reach my site.

Anyways, I call what Google Analytics says bull. Yes, I've sent the link to my friends. Yes, I put it in my signature on diffrent forums. Yes, I've put this blog everywhere I could. Been there, done that with my first blog. The thing that intrigues me, is that if I set the same timerange in Google Analytics for my other blog and this one, the first has 60 visits, where more than a half were organic, and the latter has 66, where none of the visits were organic.
That being said, I think that it's a good think. Altough I didn't made this blog for traffic, I'm happy. I made this blog just for fun, for something to fill my time. I could say that it's relaxing to write about something you like, and you make it with passion, you have all the chances to succeed. I don't know in what can I succeeded with this personal hobby project, but I'm really happy that people read and find out that a 35$ computer can run a blog.

That's all for today.

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